Your Most Asked Question?

Shannon and I adopted our son Luke 2 years ago from the nation of China.  He has been such a joy to our family.  We have often said that we didn’t know what was missing until he landed among us.  So much has changed in our lives and it has all been for the good.

Now that he has been with us for some time, he has totally adjusted to America including the language.  This past year he started kindergarten and has been learning so much.  Like most 5 year olds, he is super inquisitive and curious.  This is obviously coupled with what seems like 1,000 questions.  Nevertheless, his most frequent ask is “What we gonna do NEXT?”  Usually this is immediately followed by “Then what we gonna do NEXT?”

The more I think about Luke’s question, the more I realize I carry this question with me all the time.  Probably, I ask it more than anything else.  I know its bold for me to say but its probably your most asked question as well.  Its not a bad question.  As a matter of fact, its a necessary question usually.

As a local congregation, we know that in some ways you may be asking that question as well.  As a result, we have developed an answer called “Next Steps”.  “Next Steps” is our pathway to hearing our story, learning our vision and values, finding your purpose and joining a team.  This process happens monthly each Sunday prior to service at 8:30am in the Party Room of the theater.  If you would like to join this month email me at

See you Sunday!