In today’s culture it’s pretty common that people are more concerned about what they are getting rather than what they are giving.  We live in a demanding and selfish society! I personally believe that selfishness is the key to destruction in all types of relationships.  We tend to WANT, WANT, WANT but struggle to give.  Reality is we tend to carry that same mindset into the local church. That mindset is even stronger in a mobile church when it comes to serving.

My wife and I have been married for over 14 yrs now and have been part of a mobile church for over 10 of those yrs.  Our 12 yr old son and 7 yr old daughter don’t know what it’s like to be part of church that isn’t mobile. I know, it’s kind of mind blowing!! This has not been by selfless choice in all honesty, but apparently part of God’s plan for us for a season.  There was a point about 2 years ago where I even told my wife, “I’m done with mobile church. It’s time to find something with pews and hide for a bit!”  Then God made it clear to me that I said that, he didn’t!

The truth is everyone wants to go to a church where there are 100 different things going on, looks good, feels great, smells awesome, wonderful coffee, life-changing messages from a hip Pastor, vibrant worship and a kids program that the entire school district wants to be a part of. BUT, that all takes work and the the giving of those who make those things happen. Throw in setting up a mobile church every Sunday and that takes the servant-hood level to 11! When you are not pulling your weight, you are causing someone else’s load to be heavier. It doesn’t have to be that way and shouldn’t be.  We are all called to serve and we should serve with a joyful heart. It’s an honor and a privilege.  God loves a cheerful giver and that doesn’t just apply to money.

God honors the small things. Don’t expect to teach, preach or be in front leading if you aren’t willing to do what everyone don’t see behind the scenes.

This should be exciting and motivating

By serving in the local church you are an important piece to the puzzle that helps lead to lives changed, marriages restored, depressed being set free, the broken made whole and the most exciting… leading others to Jesus and building disciples! That’s exciting and what we are called to do!  It’s a blessing to give! My life has personally been effected by people who gave. If you look back you will probably find the same applies to your life.  To this day, 2 of my dearest friends I met setting up chairs in a mobile church yrs ago. One of them is now a Pastor at one of the largest churches in the nation and the other planted a church in East TN 2 years ago. God honors the small things. Don’t expect to teach, preach or be in front leading if you aren’t willing to do what everyone don’t see behind the scenes.

Challenge: Find an area to serve in your local church and do it with passion!   Jesus gave his life for us! We should serve him with honor and passion by serving the local church, which leads to changed lives and creating Disciples! That’s exciting!!  After all, he is the most selfless man to walk the earth… what better footsteps to follow!