Practice Makes Perfect

“This isn’t true!” was the sentence heralded by my high school basketball coach.  He then followed it with this statement, “Perfect practice makes perfect”.  I understood what he was trying to say but I immediately dismissed it.  After all, no one is perfect.  Furthermore, I have spent a lot of my life trying to be just that and it has only left me frustrated and “less than.” 

So what does “practice” do?  I think it does a lot of things actually.  By nature to practice means, I get out of my head, desires and feeling and I “DO” something.  I believe that this is one of the greatest gifts of practice.  To practice means I have started something.  I have engaged. 

The word “practice” appears all thru out the scriptures.  Paul often encouraged believers to “put on”, “put into practice”, “do”…..these were words and phrases he used.  Practice requires my effort.  It cultivates the idea of training.  

This weekend, we will begin one of the most important series of messages in the life of Christ Chapel.  We will be gathering around the ideas of the “Disciplines of the Spiritual Life”.  I am calling these disciplines “practices”.  The truth about the “practices” is that they are the means of grace that God uses to bring real and lasting transformation to our lives.

If you want to really change, don’t miss this weekend.

Pastor Jerimy