Spring Hill Mayor

A few weeks ago I had the honor of having some coffee and conversation with the Mayor of Spring Hill, Mr. Rick Graham.  Some months back I realized that my family and I had parachuted into our community and hit the ground running without making some important connections.  As a result, I reached out via email and requested an opportunity that was granted.  I really had no agenda other than to ask the Mayor two questions.  I felt like if I could humbly ask these two questions, that whatever he answered then I would know how to mobilize myself and our congregation in the days ahead.

My first question was “how can we be praying for you and our city?” And my second question was a partner one, “how can we serve our city well?”

The Bible encourages us firmly to pray for those in positions of authority.  Mayor Graham is a beautiful human just like all of us.  He is God-fearing and is seeking to lead our community to the best of his ability.  Our prayer for him is that he will have the wisdom and grace to lead with courage, integrity and foresight.  These are all the things that he spoke of as targets.  

In response to how we can serve our city, he mentioned 3 areas for awareness.  For starters, he mentioned our “First Responders” in public service.  The people who put themselves in harms way daily and serve with the police, fire station, EMS and other public safety.  Secondly, he mentioned our school in the community.  Partnering with public education to see support and resources strengthened for all.  Lastly, he mentioned adopting portions of our community for clean up.

I look forward to continuing to cultivate my relationship with my new friend.  I equally look forward to our congregation finding ways to pray, give and go in our local community.  Becoming the hands and feet of Jesus often looks like becoming the answer to someones prayers.  Let’s prepare to love our community well.

Pastor Jerimy