Hop On The Bus

I am not sure if you have ever missed a really important meeting or event but if you have lived at all I’m sure you know what I am talking about.  I can’t think of a time this happened on purpose.  I mean its not like I woke and thought “I think I’ll miss my kids birthday or our anniversary”.  Nevertheless, there are times in life we live unaware of some of the most significant moments.

I feel like Sunday Night’s Night of Worship is ONE OF THOSE MOMENTS.  I am honestly so stirred that I wish I could just drive a big yellow bus around Spring Hill and pick people up.  I am so expectant of how God is going to move among us.  

In the Bible there are 2 words used for time….”chronos” and “kairos”.  The term “chronos” is where we get our understanding of clock or “measured time”.  Today we would say it is “chronological.”  The other word “kairos” refers to the “right moment” or “opportune time”.  One could say that “kairos” times are those that you “don’t want to miss out on.”  

I know I take a risk in saying this but I believe that Sunday Night will be one of those times.  I implore you to be present and bring those you love with you.  Whatever you are believing for, lets gather and see how God will meet with us.  

This is me in my BIG YELLOW BUS saying hop on board!  See you Sunday.