Today I went to the Spring Hill Starbucks to get some work done…this is not unusual for me. Several days a week I find my office at that location off of Highway 31.

I had a list of things to accomplish, one being this blog update as well as preparation for a speaking engagement in October plus my continued study for Renovare. As I sat down, I recognized a gentleman who I had seen several times before. In times past, the introvert in me would just dive right into my work and miss an opportunity.

Today was different…I sat down and led with this line: “I’ve seen you in here a lot, my name is Jerimy.” Two hours later, I got to some of my work. However, the two hours of conversation I got to have with Kevin really made my day! I jokingly told him that I have a friend in Spring Hill now:) I won’t write about all that we discussed, stuff including job history, our families and church background. Nevertheless, I will share what I was reminded of in my time with my new friend.

Here is my friend Kevin…


Kevin reminded me there are two things that are often undervalued but are really beautiful in the kingdom. Those two things are food and laughter! I guess in spiritual terms you could say “feasting and joy.” I told Kevin that often I take life and myself too seriously as if “being serious” were a fruit of the Spirit. From my short time with Kevin, I could tell from our conversation and from his own confession that he and his family enjoy good food and a lot of laughter. I think Jesus does too. There is no wonder he said the kingdom belonged to children. Think it not strange that second in the lineup of the Spirit’s work in our lives is the expression of JOY, only behind LOVE.

I’m so grateful for my time with Kevin today. I look forward to sharing a meal with him and his family and laughing till I cry. I would like to challenge you all over the next week to go be spiritual and eat something you really enjoy with those you really love and laugh really hard.