Fasting as Fuel

I have been so encouraged by the way our local congregation has responded to the call to “feast” on God for the next 21 days.  I realize that the spiritual discipline or practice is called “fasting”.  Nevertheless, the reality that I have been discovering as I approach day 5 is that fasting has become fuel for my hunger for more of God.  

I have been learning 2 things that I wanted to share for this season.  One of them is about Perspective and the other Practical.

Perspective – First, as followers of Christ, He invites us into a life with Him.  He is our model and our mentor.  As I shared many times before, Christ leads us into a life of resurrection.  Resurrection and all that is associated with it is our inheritance.  What precedes resurrection is a death.  Fasting is a way for us to “die”.  We die to our desires.  We die to lesser passions.  We die to our selfishness.  Fasting is a gift in that it kills the things that many times are killing us.  NEVERTHELESS, we know what is on the other side of death.  RESURRECTION.  As you fast, see it as a way to experience more of JESUS in this way.

Practical – Each day as you enter into whatever area of fasting whether its food, a hobby, media, etc.  Pause before it and pray, “Father with my life hear my prayer, “I want you more than I want __________”.  When your stomach growls, whisper this prayer.  When you reach for your phone to login to social media but remember you have given that up…whisper a prayer.  Don’t just stop doing something; start doing something….PRAY.

On Saturday from 8am to 9am I want to invite you to join me at the Theater for a time of prayer.  Lets seek FIRST and MOST in 2018.

Pastor Jerimy